SWF Maestro SCR PRO 2.0

Turns SWF animations into SCR files
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Converts your Adobe Flash animation files into screensavers that you can use on your PC. Adds version information to the output SCR files.

Creates Screensaver files (.SCR) from Adobe Flash files (.SWF). SWF Maestro SCR PRO is a handy application designed to produce screensavers - usually carrying the .SCR extension - from previously existing Flash animations. This program allows you to attach version information to your screensaver with great detail. In addition, you can create a trial version of your screensaver and define its limitations.

The program has an intuitive and self-explanatory user interface, and therefore it is very easy to use. It has four sections - General, Files, Screensaver, and Trial limitations. Those sections allow you to provide all the parameters and all the information required for your SCR file to be correctly generated. On the General section, you will be able to define the screensaver's name and version info. Within the version info, in time, you may include your company's name, the version number, a copyright notice, and some comments, among other data.

The files section, on the other hand, allows you to choose the source SWF file for your project. However, you may also select an entire directory containing several SWF files and define which one will go first. You can specify an icon file as the screensaver's icon, and define the minimum Flash Player version required to play back your screensaver. You can even configure your project for the Flash Player to be automatically downloaded and installed on the destination PC in case it is missing. Moreover, you will be able to configure the output directory and the base file name for your resulting screensaver.

On the third section, "Screensaver", you can enable and disable the "settings" menu, and define how to stop the screensaver when playing. You may also configure some basic parameters to generate an executable installer for your project. However, this will require you to have "Inno Setup" installed on your system. Finally, on the "Trial Limitations" section, you can decide whether to enable or disable trial limitations for your screensaver. You may limit its access to a single subdirectory only or program it to expire after a certain number of days or executions. You can even include a registration URL and a custom registration reminder screen to be shown every now and then to potential buyers.

Undoubtedly, SWF Maestro SCR PRO is a must-have for any person who wants to create and - possibly - sell their own screensavers. Its price makes it affordable, especially for those aiming at selling.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Intuitive and self-explanatory interface
  • Allows you to select a single SWF source file or an entire directory with several ones
  • Allows you to generate an executable installer for your screensaver (requires Inno Setup)
  • Allows you to include several types of trial limitations to your final screensaver


  • None
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